Casino Murder Party

Cluedo Game

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  • Capacity : From 20 to 80 pers.
  • Duration : 1h30
  • Place : At the place of your seminar, or your dinner / cocktail
  • Goal : Unravel the investigation in the heart of a fictitious Casino.
Image Casino Murder Party


There is no better entertainment than the Casino Murder Party program to enrich your evening event. The benefits of a Murder Party are numerous. This unique, totally immersive activity allows participants to break away from their daily routine, providing them with the opportunity to lose themselves in a new character. To solve the mystery, team members’ active and receptive communication skills are put to the test, as are their logic and focus. There is a real sense of unity against a common foe so this event is ideal to develop working respect and collaboration to make teams more efficient once they are back at work.

Our fun and participatory scenario is a recipe for success. Here is the plot. Tonight, Mr. Gamble won at Blackjack, he had been waiting for this lucky day for years. Unfortunately, he did not know this was his last night. He was assassinated before leaving the casino…

Your visit to the casino takes a whole different turn when the detective in charge hires you in this investigation. As you can imagine, the suspects are numerous in a casino, and they are all poker faces. From the Security Manager to the croupier, everyone has to be checked out. You are going to have to chip in to call someone’s bluff!