Which universe is like you?

According to the ambiance and the experience you want to bring to your participants,
you will always find the solution in team buildingactivities and incentives that we have shaped for you.
Will you be a local amateur? Will you have a wandering soul? The challenger spirit?
Or will you be big festive participants…
Discover your program within our 4 universes:

Organize at your next team-building or incentive, activities around Provence. Discover our typical workshops and our rallies from Marseille to Monaco.

Surprise, reward your customers and employees in an original trip. On land or at sea, discover our journeys aboard playful and unusual means of locomotion.

Motivate your teams at your next seminar, strengthen team cohesion around challenges. Between urban challenges, in nature or in a CSR goal it’s up to you.

Invite your collaborators to socialize in a festive atmosphere around entertaining and participative games, while sipping on a cocktail or enjoying a very lively evening!