Kre Art (RSE)

creative team building

Good to know

  • Capacity : From 20 to 150 pers.
  • Duration : 2h
  • Place : outdoor or indoor on your meeting place
  • Goal : Carry out a common work as a team. Creativity, team spirit and reflection.
Image Kre Art (RSE)


The process of choosing a team building event is a great way to discuss the values of a company.

Following a seminar, a creative team building challenge can reflect and reinforce the discussions that have taken place. Sometimes, a company’s team members do not communicate enough or they don’t fully understand their project’s final objectives.  An artistic team building event stimulates constructive exchange because it leads to the collective creation of a giant fresco in a limited time. The final results reflects everyone’s creativity, involvement and communication. Many subjects can be tackled through your choice of different artistic genres – street art, collage, intuitive painting, and more.