The City of Tomorrow

Eco-responsible thinking

Good to know

  • Capacity : From 20 to 300 pers.
  • Duration : 2h
  • Place : French Riviera, Indoor or Outdoor
  • Goal : Think about the city of tomorrow, through eco-responsible activities.
Image The City of Tomorrow


If you are looking for an ecological or Corporate Social Responsibility theme for your next team building event, try the City of Tomorrow challenge.

Companies can be leaders in responsible practices by taking on the role of environmental educators! In this entertaining program, your teams will have to brainstorm on how to design the optimal sustainable City of Tomorrow. Through a series of interactive and creative workshops, they will examine various aspects to help envision this future city. Waste, water and air management, recycling, consumer practices are some of the issues they’ll tackle. A great way to have a good time while re-thinking our future!