Vino Vidi Vici

Connected escape game in the vineyards

Good to know

  • Capacity : From 20 to 60 pers.
  • Duration : 1h00/1h30
  • Place : In the Provence vineyards
  • Goal : Solve the connected investigation at the heart of the wine estate.
Image Vino Vidi Vici


The vineyards and wine estates around Aix-en-Provence, Marseille and in the Var region offer a charming setting for a corporate event or professional seminar. At Estérel Aventures we make the most of these exquisite venues with a totally immersive larger-than-life escape game! The vineyards and the cellars themselves will be the start point from which you will conduct an investigation and look for clues to solve a mystery. As you explore the estate with your team, you will want to remain alert to the details while learning about grape growing and wine making.

Here is the plot: François Pieu-Morandy, owner of the estate, discovers that the oldest wines in his cellars have been stolen and replaced with cheap substitutes. Gone missing are rare and exclusive wines of great value. This is a terrible shock! To maintain his reputation, he can’t let any of this become public so he calls in some private sleuths… that’s you and your team! The watchword is DISCRETION – Let the investigation begin!